SHAREit for PC – Download | Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

SHAREit for PC : The Information Technology Co. Ltd is one of the recognized technology companies which is being used to transfer all kinds of files from one device to another. Basically, SHAREit for pc is a smart application specially designed to transmit files to other devices in a few seconds. 

Shareit for pc since this unconventional application has come into existence, people have kept the idea of Bluetooth aside. Unlike Shareit, Bluetooth is time-consuming and does not support all formats or files.

SHAREit for PC

Shareit for pc, this exemplary application is completely cellular data free that offers multiple connections that help users to transfer files between huge ranges of devices. for Shareit for pc platform is a perfect solution that brings people together and makes it easier for people who frequently shares photos, videos, music, and all types of files within seconds. In addition, this application supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

File Info

File Name  SHAREit for PC
   Downloaders                22,829,723
   Size                22.8MB
   Version                4.5.44
   Language                English
   Last Update on                09-19-2018


SHAREit for pc has come up with a lot of possibilities that motivates a wide variety of transmission. This application provides advanced features that make it one of the most contemporary and friendly file-sharing software application in the market.

Backup – Never lose your files! : It is a great fear of losing your important files or folders but with SHAREit for pc everything is at its place. You can easily backup all your important data from your smart phone or tablet to your PC by just clicking the shareit button. It is actually a fancy tool that will not allow you to get stressed or worry.

Remote View : It has a fantastic Remote view feature that allows you to search your files on your PC device attached through your phone. This user-friendly feature helps you to read, access, and share files from both the devices anytime you want.

“Play to” Feature : Do you possess something interesting content and want to flaunt this to the world? If yes, SHAREit has now made it possible. It has an exceptional feature called “Play to” which enables you to display your favorite content on your phone straight to your PC. This feature helps you to reach a mass audience and gather praises and attention.

Share Phone to Phone : It becomes monotonous to look at the same content time and again. And, you can now just send as well as receive interesting content by just pressing the send or receive button available in the application. Within a few seconds, you will be having the content which you wanted from so long.

Share PC to PC : Like Phone to Phone sharing, you can easily send or receive multiple files from your friend, colleague, and family member within a short period of time.

PowerPoint Control : Yes, you read it right. ‘PowerPoint Control’. With SHAREit, it is now possible to make PowerPoint presentations. You can easily use it to control all your slides or pages for the projector screen straight from your phone. It may be sounding strange, but it is actually the most advanced feature that will make your meetings interactive and hassle-free.

Direct Wi-Fi : Through SHAREit, you will automatically get connected to the local Wi-Fi connection and then effectively send or receive your files or data.

Multi-Platform Files : SHAREit does not have limitations or put boundaries. You can easily send MP3, a DOC a MOV, MKX, AVI etc. This amazing application also supports GIFs and JPEGs which makes completely exceptional and compatible. It is easy to File Transfer from one device to another device.

Download SHAREit For PC

Using application software on the computer can be so much fun and when you have a SHAREit application available for Windows, you don’t have to ask for more. Yes, now we will at the detailed download process of SHAREit for Windowsshareit for pc windows 10shareit for pc windows 7shareit for pc windows 8 and you have been strongly suggested to follow each instruction very carefully to share it download for pc.

  1. The first step is to open your preferred browser.
  2. Then, search for SHAREit Application there.
  3. Go to the official page of shareit for pc latest version 2018.
  1. On the homepage, you will get to see a Windows button which you need to click.
  2. After that, click on the download button.
  3. To install the application, you need to double click on the Shareit.exe file icon.
  1. Click on the popup menu and select the “RUN” option.
  2. On the next menu, click on the “Yes” button.
  3. After this, you need to hit the “Accept” button.
  4. Now, you are good to go and share your files with your favorite people.

How To Transfer Files Using SHAREit

A fascinating SHAREit for pc application tool allows to you transfer a broad variety of files between two devices at a time. This application is available for free and Lenovo, Windows, iOS, as well as Android users can benefit themselves by installing this application and make the sending and receiving process easier than ever before.

  • The exclusive attribute of Shareit for pc is carrying data files from one device and sending to the other. The application allows transmitting items between devices without having to make use of cloud storage.
  • With the help of Shareit for pc, you can simply share multiple items from one system to another.
  • It is also important to know that this application software does not transfer information over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Instead, the application itself establishes an automatic wireless connection near to the device. Once the connection is established with the other device, files can easily get transferred or received.

SHAREit For Android

Under this section, we are going to take to you to the download process of Shareit on Android devices. The process which we are going to narrate is easy to comprehend and you can easily download Shareit on your Android device.

  1. In order to download Shareit on Android, follow the instructions given below
  2. The first step in the process is to open the Google PlayStore on your device.
  3. Using the search menu, you need to search for the SHAREit application.
  4. On the new page, you will get to see the “install” button.
  5. Click on the install button to download.
  6. After some time, the application will get downloaded on your android device.
  7. Click on the installed the application and take the application tour to learn to access the application.

SHAREit on Mac iOS

In order to get the SHAREit application on your Mac or iOS device, you must follow the instructions given below:

  • Step 1: The first step in the process is to open the App Store on your iOS or Mac device.
  • Step 2: you need to make sure that your phone should have an iTunes App icon; click on this and then search for SHAREit for iPhone on the search bar.
  • Step 3: When the official SHAREit App page will get open.
  • Step 4: After that, you need to enter your details such as – Apple ID and login information.
  • Step 5: Lastly, Click on the “Install” button and you’ll have SHAREit for iPhone in seconds. Search for it under “My Apps” and start using SHAREit and enjoy sharing.


On Which devices SHAREit Compatible?

SHAREit adds beauty to your smart device and the device compatibility is its strength. The shareit application encourages a huge variety of platforms. You can now easily use the application on your laptop, Windows PC, and Mac. Let us now look at the operating systems which are being supported by Shareit:

  • Android Smartphone
  • iOS – Apple
  • Windows

Can I still send files if my friend doesn’t have an iOS device?

Strangely Yes, You will be able to transfer files to any device belonging to different operating systems; SHAREit is a cross-platform transfer tool that allows users to share on devices such as – Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Does SHAREit use data?

When it comes to using SHAREit, there’s no data usage. SHAREit won’t affect your iPhone’s data plan and it doesn’t need Wi-Fi.

What does it mean when it says it doesn’t use Wi-Fi?

SHAREit establishes its own network that connects your device with the other device near to you. SHAREit uses a method called Wi-Fi Direct. This means when you want to share files, SHAREit doesn’t require a WAP – wireless access point. You can also transfer files to other types of devices because of this feature of SHAREit.

Are there advertisements? Does SHAREit send things you don’t want?

When you download SHAREit, you’ll have all control over what you send and when you send it. The app won’t automatically send any files, nothing will happen without your command. You might be thinking, you download for free, so there must be a catch. In fact, there’re no annoying advertisements, nothing, because it’s all completely free.

Is It Recommended

The following article has discussed everything about the SHAREit application which helps users to transfer files from one device to another device within a few seconds.

Gone are the days when we used to rely on Bluetooth and wait for a long time to get the files transferred but now, Shareit has made this sharing process much easier. Although we have explained SHAREit for Windows PCSHAREit for Android, and SHAREit for iOS even if you have any questions or suggestions, write us in the comments section below.